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2021 Reflection

2021 was a year in which I experienced the healing I didn’t know my soul needed. In 2020, God sat me down and COVID caused our world to be at a standstill, literally we were all trying to survive.

Then, 2021 showed up and it was truly a year of personal growth and healing. The stillness of 2020 prepared me for the shifts in life that were about to happen. I made the conscious decision to take a step back from my photography, I focused more on my peace and doing what most mattered to me. I learned to advocate for myself in both my personal and my professional life that ended in my current promotion and increase. I learned just how much therapy was really food for the soul. I became a wife, we bought a new home, I bought a new car, and my husband and I started to build a family foundation that is undeniably unexplainable in the most blessed way.

I’m promising myself in this New Year to show up; just as I am. I will embrace the challenges of life, to consider just how much I’ve grown, and how much more I will continue to grow on this journey. I will embrace the unexpected and trust the process. Remember, growth is a process that takes time. Go at your own pace. It’s not a race.

INSECURE taught us and I’m living my own proof that …”Dreams can come true, even if they don’t look as tidy as we envisioned them.”

So cheers in advance to 2022. May it bring an overflow of love, abundance, blessings, miracles, health, wealth, and success.

Instagram: TheJourneyWell.Co

Love and Life Friend,



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