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Dear Momma, Take Care of Yourself

Whew, Sis! Let me tell you how liberating last week's Instagram Live was. First and foremost, Edwina and I were completely grateful to Melanin Muse for allowing us the ability to host and appear as a guest on their platform. Edwina is a Health and Wellness Advocate and Blogger of How In The HEALTH Did That Happen?. After experiencing her own traumatic experience after giving birth to her daughter, Edwina was fueled even more to educate the masses about the importance of Black Maternal Health and even share her own open and transparent story to the many women and mother's that joined us last Wednesday. If you had a chance to catch the Instagram live then you know that not only was it inspiring, but a tear-jerker. I hope this series and many more to come will continue to inspire women to embrace their own journey and to continue to live out their truth. Someone somewhere is inspired.

For the Mommas, I want you to know, putting your best self forward requires making intentional choices even if that means stepping outside your comfort zone and putting yourself first.

I want to remind you that self-care doesn't have to major, monetary or materialistic. It's whatever balance, peace, and loving yourself looks like for you. If you missed last week's live, no worries, we got you! Head over to @melaninmusedigital and check out the IG Live posts to catch the replay, hear Edwina's beautiful testimony and story, and lastly to grab a hold of the many gems, resources, and tips dropped and shared. You are not alone. Although this journey is yours, we are here to root for you, support you, and encourage you along the way, right where you are. Check out these amazing tips as you add taking care of yourself as a part of daily self-care.

Mom, Take Care of Yourself

1. Plain and simple, ask for help. 2. Share the load. 3. Give yourself grace. 4. Do something daily that fills your soul and makes you smile. 5. Show up every day. 6. Do everything that LIBERATES YOUR SOUL. 7. Make sleep a priority. 8. Get your body moving.

9. Meditate, Journal, Pray.

10. Know when it's okay to say "No" to anything that costs you your peace.

Love and Life,


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