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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Yasmin Watts.

Yes! Creative Photographer, Content Creator, Published Author, and now the creator behind this beautiful brand and blog. I started this as a personal outlet to be transparent and to share my thoughts, affirmations, and real-life experiences along this journey to becoming the best version of myself.

I made the personal decision in 2020 to take a step back from many aspects of the business world including my passion, Photography. In February of 2020, unfortunately, I fell ill miles away from home on the exact day we were scheduled to return home from celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend. This traumatic experience (while I will dive into deeper throughout my blog) was truly life-changing in more ways than one. Therefore, I made the decision to take the much-needed break and rest my body and soul so desperately needed. I know now that I needed to focus on myself and figure out what that looked like for me. I knew that eventually, I wanted to share my story, my continuous journey, and to be honest I just didn’t know-how. I was lying in bed in Jamaica and I thought why not create a platform for women and build a community where women feel completely honest and transparent to share their journey whatever that looks like; a place where we all could essentially share, journey, and grow together. Thus, came the inspiration behind the brand name The Journey Well Collection. This blog will encompass real-life stories, affirmations, daily intentions, and an inspirational collection to empower and inspire women on their wellness journey to becoming the best version of themselves with no judgment or timeline.


Love and Life Friend,


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