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Ducked Off for a Minute, but I'm Back!

In full transparency, these past few weeks have been a weird space for me, with so many different emotions that I really can't explain. May started out completely amazing! I had two great trips and then boom, mid-month, life just hit differently lol. I was hella emotional and just all out of sync.

Before the month ended, I challenged myself to be completely intentional about refilling my cup. I couldn’t pour into others even if I tried. I barely had enough energy to pour into myself. With the Full Moon in sync at the time, I was intentional about journaling, grounding, reading, meditating… doing anything that gave me peace and filled my cup.

I also came across this really great Self-care playlist from @cassiescure and it’s been in heavy rotation and I watched the recap of @howinthehealth Instagram live. So in advance, I'm sending love and light to everyone as we embark on the new week ahead and to closing out June strong. We got this.

To everyone who has sent me love, you are appreciated.

Love and Life Friend,



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