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Take a Break, WINE down!

Last month, my husband Jay, and I had a great opportunity to experience a nice Wine Hike and tasting in Dahlonega, GA at the Montaluce Winery. Jay is not a big fan of Wine however he was down to go and we both agreed we had a really great time and it was totally worth the experience. For us, just being able to get away for a few hours and enjoy time in nature while learning about the wines harvested at Montaluce was great. My personal Self-Care goal over the next few months is to choose a Winery each month to visit.

The hike itself was a 1.8-mile trail over the 400-acre property and along the nature trails, headwaters of the Etowah River, and through the vineyard. Our guide provided us with great facts about the vineyard, the wine-making process, and the property itself. After the hike, we concluded with a wine tasting with a great outside view at the restaurant-Trattoria di Montaluce where we enjoyed a charcuterie board of choice and a flight of five wines. The flights were extremely generous pours and I loved that there were a number of different options in which to choose.

This brief day trip even for a few hours, was the self-care and day away I didn't know I needed. Even for a few hours, we were able to disconnect, relax and live in the moment. I highly recommend adding this Wine Hike to your list of to-dos; and as much as you want to be cute, I would recommend "Cute" hiking attire. You will high regret wearing heels on this particular hike.

We all have different self-care routines. For me, I enjoy occasionally pouring up a glass of wine, being in a relaxing environment, and unwinding. I'm always encouraging my fellow gems to find what you like and what fuels your soul and enjoy that. As we step into a new month, I hope you have curated your own personal Self-Care list. Along this journey, I will consistently remind you that becoming the best version of yourself involves taking care of your mind, body, and soul. When you take care of yourself, you give yourself the fuel you need to show up as the best version of yourself in your everyday life.

Love and Life Friend,



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