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....In This Season

There are seasons of seedtime, waiting and harvest…seasons of testing and breakthrough. The difficult seasons are necessary for the good times to come.

I want to encourage you in that no matter what season you're in you're going to get through, somehow, someway things will be okay. Recently, I had to take a step back, I was overwhelmed with emotions, like usual my mind was all over. I decided to do a Brain Dump and it was the best thing I could've done to free my mind from all of the thoughts racing and just put pen to paper. If you've never completed a Brain Dump or don't know what it is, a Brain Dump is It’s taking everything you’re worrying about, questioning, feeling, needing to do, and organizing those thoughts OUT of your brain and putting them somewhere ELSE. I literally wrote down everything that came to mind. Some categories of thoughts included Personal Life, Work, Health, Business, Personal Goals, Marriage, and Distractions. I placed each of my thoughts in one of the categories I mentioned. I took a deep breath and I felt at peace. Since then, I've been intentional about the time I spend with God, not that I wasn't already, but I really reframed my thoughts when I had my time with God. My favorite time, my morning walks... It's just Me and God. I want to remind you that God has a purpose for the season in which you find yourself, and to be honest some seasons you will have to take a step back, reevaluate and know who can move with you can who can't. There will be some seasons where honestly your friends can't help, your family can't help, your partner can't help... it's literally just you and God. Can I encourage you that it's perfectly okay.

Your journey is personal. Be gentle with yourself and show up with and however, that looks like every day. Don't let the weight of the world, the comparisons, feeling the need to have it together, feeling the need to be far ahead weigh heavy on your heart. You are exactly where you need to be. I've learned to be more expressive in what peace looks like for me. I'm manifesting the things I do want in life versus focusing and attracting the things that I don't want. Appreciate where you are in this season, surround yourself with good people, be intentional with your time and who has access to you. I pray that in this season God gives you clarity for what's ahead. Be specific in your prayers so that you will recognize God’s answer when it comes. Trust that whatever is happening in this season is happening for you and not to you. Find contentment in knowing that God will work all things out for your good, somehow, someway.

Love and Life Friend,


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Teri Holt
Teri Holt
Dec 13, 2021

Love this! What do you do after you “brain dump”? Do you decide what you can find solutions for vs what you can’t or do you just brain dump and leave it all alone?

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