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Just a Peloton Girl

Whoop Whoop! We joined the One Peloton Club. For many of you that follow me and have seen my stories, then you know that I like to take a ride quite regularly throughout each week. Issa whole vibe ride. For those of you wondering, YES, YES, YES! Personally, I believe that it is totally worth the investment. When we initially got our bike, my legs were still weak due to not being able to do Physical Therapist because PT offices were still closed given the pandemic; so my fiance’ figured we might as well invest if we are going to be at home. I would always see my sister-in-law riding her bike and figured heck why not.

What's the hype right? With the Peloton Bike, you can join live and on-demand studio cycling classes all from the convenience of your own home and in your own space. There are thousands of classes to choose from Yoga, Meditation, Stretching, Cardio and Strength just to name a few, and dope music that you can listen to throughout the workout, personally, they fit into my schedule and challenge me daily. I find myself pushing myself more on the bike. One of my personal goals is to get in 5 rides a week. If I'm not getting in a ride on the bike I try to at least get in a class on the app to track my daily exercise. We definitely put our bike to use so again, personally for us during the pandemic it was totally worth the investment.

Click the link below and check out more details and great features. Don't forget to add me if you decide to join the club.

Peloton Handle: YassieWatts

Love and Life Friend,



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