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Let’s Normalize Moving in Silence

Wow! This has been a topic that’s been on my mind lately and I definitely wanted quickly to share my thoughts and insights. So here we go. Let’s normalize “Moving in Silence”. You’re probably thinking whaaatttt?!? But no seriously, let’s normalize it in a way where we don’t get caught up in our feelings and we allow the other party to move in a way that benefits and supports them the most.

Just because we are close to someone whether it be friends or family, we have to understand that we might not always know what’s going on with them rather it be good or bad; and if they are making moves in their life and keeping silent, maybe, just maybe they have a reason, but even if they don’t have a reason, guess what? It’s their right.

I can admit I’ve been guilty of feeling some type of way in past situations because I may or may not have be privy to information or things friends and family were doing, but I had to understand that just because I am close with someone does not mean that I’m entitled to every single detail that happens in their life. Like girl please Yas!

I also have to give credit where it’s due to one of my close friends Terrie, we had a really great conversation recently and we were both able to converse and talk about this topic in depth and she provided great insight. Let’s take a step back to when I said maybe, just maybe people have reasons for moving in silence. For one, let’s start with aside from what people tell us, show us, or choose to include us in on, we really may not know 100% what someone is going through. Maybe they are fighting their own battles and learning how to navigate in silence, maybe they don’t want to jinx the situation or future outcome, maybe they have their own uncertainties, or perhaps need to protect the space and energy around them and or they just want to move in freaking silence and that is their right.

I can probably assure you many relationships have gone astray and have been hindered because someone felt hurt by not being involved, included, privy, whatever the case may be. I hope this post gave you ease to not take it personally and the next time a situation as such arises to take a step back and understand why people may choose to move the way they move. Remember, we are all on our own journey and it looks different for everyone. So give yourself and give the other party grace to navigate life in a way that supports them in protecting their peace and their energy. It’s not always about us.

Love and Life Friend,



Aug 18, 2022

Very good Read!!!! Love, love, love this!

Yasmin Watts
Yasmin Watts
Aug 18, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed this read!

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